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April 07, 2007

Madonna admits to having work done

UPDATE:  This story was re-written thanks to a tip from gaysocialites reader Jonny:  Who told us that the website www.makemeheal.blog ran this story originally as an April Fool's joke.

This was at the bottom of that link: "Happy April Fool's Day".  

So... According the website, www.carefair.blog, the material girls admits that she went under the knife!  However, this story is in fact wrong!  They picked up an April Fool's day joke and missed the punch line.

CareFair wrote:  "The 48-year old entertainer has admitted to having had a face lift. Madonna is reported to have stated that her face lift “looks great”."

Again, this was originally an April Fool's joke.  The photos below... they're still retouched!  Enjoy!

I came across this good comparison of Madonna's Sorry cover before and after they were "doctored."

And we are always asking how someone her age can look so good.  The answer is simple:  photoshop!

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her eyelids are NASTY!!!

The cover of Sorry was a picture taken by a fan whilst watching her perform at GAY - they loved the pic and used it, touching it up was needed, but isn't most photo's doctored slightly for cd covers? Nothing to be ashamed by, standard practise, and even more understandable as photo was professionally taken.

She's actually more beautifull in the picture before...

The world's most famous woman can still be controversial even with wrinkles and so what? She makes better music any new divettes today and she has become a better vocalist and cocnert performer! Her new RnB album looks hot and I can't wait for it!

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