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April 07, 2007

Meet Sanjaya's slutty sister

Sanjaya Malakar has risen to quasi-reality stardom as the kid on American Idol who can't carry a tune.  Sanjaya continues to shock the world as the guy who remains on Idol despite the fact that he can't sing.

Now, meet Shyamali Malakar, Sanjaya's sister who is shooting for the stars herself, as a slut.  Shyamalia is a former Hooters girl, and now nearly naked pictures of her are floating around the web.

The Malakar family must be really proud! One kid who is making an ass of himself on public TV, and one kid who is showing her ass on the world wide web!  Maybe when Sanjaya is ousted from Idol, he can be her pimp!

After all, she has shown up to support him on Idol several times, big boobs and all!

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I love this whole Sanjaya scandal! In addition to watching a lousy show be exposed for the joke that it is, we get to gawk at Shyamali, who is absolutely stunning!

Sorry Charles, Sanjaya's gonna be around for a few more weeks, Shyamali will continue to grace the internet, and American Idol's ratings will drop even more.

Too bad! you all fags can only salivate on Sanjaya! And you all have to be straight even to think about his sister. You poor souls.

making these gay bashing visits often Tim??

You sure do visit this site a lot and have left such wonderful comments about the gay community...

Spend too much time here and you might catch it... So i would run, run for the nearest crackhouse and bang the first crackwhore you see to maintain your 'straight-ness'

inbred freak

All your articles about Sanjaya sound the same, not to blame you. But why are you guys so attached to American Idol? There were humans before American Idol and will continue to exist. In your next bash of sanjaya just try to be creative and different.

ROFLMFAO naked Indians haha.

To Charles "Dick" Winres, Dude you are such a dick! Get a fuckin life. And while your at it why don't pull pull out that hair across your ass that you have for sanjaya and floss with it. Loser.

You are so sick...yuck

Ronnie Hokanson, you're f'in hilarious! Move over Perez...

just cause she worked at Hooters doesn't mean she's a slut!! Now the naked pics are another story...

George what do u think about your Sister. If sometime in life you earn name & money....now do you think your Sister & Mom will become slut

Join Howard Stern and his millions of fans in voting for Sanjaya !!!

The idiot men who are boob-obsessed are the real sluts. This girl is merely a marketer.


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