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April 21, 2007

Phil Stacey replaces Sanjaya Malakar as 'Vote for the Worst' on Idol


Sanjaya Malakar got the boot on this week's American Idol results show, but he's very confident that Howard Stern and VotefortheWorst.blog had nothing to do with his elimination.

"I don't think votefortheworst or Howard Stern had enough people voting for me to make a dent in anything," Sanjaya said. "I think the reason why I'm here is the support of my fans."

Wow, confident and cocky.  Neither of which fit with his inability to sing. 

Regardless, Vote for the Worst is keeping their campaign going.  In a poll taken on their website, visitors voted to replace Sanjaya with Phil Stacey.  Here are how the votes stacked up:

1. Phil Stacey 48%
2. Chris Richardson 29%
3. LaKisha Jones 12%
4. Blake Lewis 9%

I don't think Phil will have as much luck as Sanjaya did, but you never can tell! 

The remaining Idol contestants will be performing gospel music this week.

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IT's not being cocky, it's called saying what you've been told to say. Nice try once again with your site, to constantly discredit and bash this boy. Really, shame on you.

Jewels, GET A LIFE! Seriously.

You are crazy and you and sanjaya deserve each other. Two nut-cases that think Sanjaya is talented... what a perfect delusional couple.

Hope you crazies are happy together.

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vqglyf smtiaeufc auispgwqk bwqpykhez wykoz mlaxgcpz elyvhus

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