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April 03, 2007

Sanjaya's last week on American Idol?

This has to be the week that American Idol voters finally come to their senses and vote off Sanjaya Malakar.  He has no talent, and this week he didn't show up with a funky hair style, wearing a dress or even singing well.  The poor kid has no entertainment value what-so-ever.  It's time to go home.

At least last week Sanjaya showed up sporting a faux-hawk.  This week he had his nappy mop slicked back looking like an 50 year old used car salesman from central Jersey. 

Malakar even grabbed judge Paula Abdul and started dancing with her, but again no surprises here.  He could have at least humped her leg or something.  Instead, he looked like a poor little gay boy that doesn't know what to do with a rack (not that this gay man craves boobs either, but that's a different story!)

Sanjaya has got to go!  I love the fact that Howard Stern and the 'Vote for the Worst' campaign have managed to keep him around this long, but it is really starting to get old.

Tuesday night, the American Idol top 9 contestants were coached by Tony Bennett... but no mentor in the world will be able to magically make Sanjaya Malakar a real singer.  It's over, go home.  American Idol's ratings are consistently dropping, and I blame him!

The results show airs on Wednesday at 9pm on Fox.

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being a fag doesn't have to mean you lost your brains too. Sanjaya sang much better.

Tina you're a biggot, loser, fat bitch -- get a life and stay off this gay website. It is all we have left these days - you loser whore.

Now all you boys must be salivating just thinking about Sanjaya's entrance into gay porn. Kid's got to be good at something . . . right?

Please leave me alone. Be nice.

How are you all you fags doing today.. other than keep salivating about Sanjaya.

Hey now! I just voted 10 times for Sanjaya!

who got the kick?

who left tonight?

It's neither gays nor stern fans nor VFTW people keeping Sanjaya in the running: it's prepubescent little girls (or girls that just act that way) who see sanjaya as the unthreatening, unaggressive, presexual love-bunny they'd all like to take home for a sex-free slumber party. Whatta man!!

i think its time he gets gome...instead of making a fool of himself all the time.

saM!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't know if it's the joint...but that shit was FUNNY!

Stupid Comment!
You much talking and very fool!
Let's see,... Sanjaya will keep survive in the next elimination. Many people will give their simpaty due to your bad compaign!

sanjaya makes ppl (angry starvers or crying 13 year olds) come back for more, he does wonders for ratings and frankly he is so dam interesting! i would vote for him (i cant cos im not american)as Ms.Ross said 'sanjaya iS love' and i agree, he is the most lovable, sincere person in the competition... do u honestly think ppl care about melindas fake 'im so suprised' looks? and lakisha's diamonds? no..sanjay is a big reason why ppl switch on to FOX! and i dont for a second think ppl are laughing at him..they are goind 'aww so cute' except for a few racist ones who expect and 'american' to win idol.... im rooting for blake and sanjaya....and i think sanjaya deserves those votes for his perseverance despite the stuff in the media... he is there for a reason..ppl are legitimately voting for him...so quit ur ranting and ur starving and vote for ur favourite and let us vote for ours....

Wrong, moron. votefortheworst is getting 6 million hits a day, and stern has probably at least 3 million listeners....and you can rest assured that all these people are voting MULTIPLE times....prepubescent girls may be part of it, but they're not the ones keeping him on the show.

Seriously, who really cares about Sanjaya? He has no talent and he will NOT win American Idol. But lets get on to more important things...Like how HOT Sanjaya's sister is. Have you seen her? She used to work at Hooters. You can see her Hooters pictures right here:


face it he is gay

I don't understand why all loosers, fat assholes are after Sanjaya. If you all loosers and AI Judges complain about him as bad singer..then i have two things to say to all asholes.
one is why AI judges selected him from day one audition and made all those good comments about his talent. OR
two why don't you all fat ass junki basterds didn't dare to go for AI audition and come out in top 12? you all trash just like to eat those hamburgers and make comments for 17 yrs old guy, who is kicking your all asses every week.
It is good to see you all dieing of jealousy and hate..while good kid Sanjaya is making millions :-)
America really doesn't need stupid people like you all. You all need to come out of shithole and be positive about life.

i luv sanjaya and will keep voting for him until he wins

i luv sanjaya and will keep voting for him until he wins

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eqalboft jrndlyb qypgxa xgbzkh ymgu pkqtiuvr wbnehycvg

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