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April 17, 2007

Sanjaya has got to go!

This week is all the proof we needed to say that Sanjaya Malakar is NOT an American Idol.  Even if by some strange act of God, he wins the Idol competition; he still won't be an American Idol.

His performance tonight was horrible!  It was probably one of the worst I have ever seen in the competition EVER.  If Sanjaya would have sang "Something to Talk About" for his initial audition, he would have been kicked to the curb on the second note (not that he even knows what a note is).  Bonnie Raitt is probably gagging.  Fantasia Barrino really pulled this song off during her season, but Sanjaya is obviously no Fantasia!  He isn't an Idol at all!

What was Ryan Seacrest defending Sanjaya for??  Are those two sharing the same closet now?  Maybe they should both just come out of the closet and hear how badly Sanjaya sings.  For once I had to agree with Simon Cowell for putting Ryan in his place.

As I have predicted, one of the guys who is getting the teeny bopper vote will likely go home soon.  Luckily for Sanjaya, Chris Richardson really sucked tonight too.  I guess Justin Timberlake- wannabes can't pull off country songs.  He tried his best to add Timberlake's style to a country song, but it didn't work.  He should definitely go home soon, but Sanjaya has got to go first!

Melinda Doolittle was tonight's top former, and I think the judges were off on LaKisha Jones' performance.  It wasn't her best, but I think they are putting too much emphasis on less than perfect performances by great singers.

There was also a lot of 'booing' as the judges bashed Sanjaya and Chris.  Once again, I agree with Simon... the audience in the studio must be hearing something that the rest of us aren't.

Sanjaya is the laughing stock of America, so if he doesn't go home this week I will just continue to laugh and pray that he goes soon!

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They fooled everybodty, he sang actually well, but they made it look bad by manipulating the band! Last week's praise was also an act, they are just fooling us. You can't see thru, I cant help!

They fooled everybody, he sang actually well, but they made it look bad by manipulating the band! Last week's praise was also an act, they are just fooling us. You can't see thru, I cant help!

What the hell have you been smoking? Sanjaya's performance was horrible and I don't know about you but the band has nothing to do with Sanjaya's choice of music--leave them out of it. I completely agree with Winters on the subject, Sanjaya has to go! -On the other hand- I would just let him stay on American Idol along with his suave personality for the sake of embarrassment and laughter.

Sanjaya is terrible. But honestly I dont know if I hate him more than Bucky Covington or Chicken Little. I think American Idol has gone down hill. I can't even watch it anymore. And I wonder if Simon would really leave the show if Sanjaya wins. Honestly if he does an American Idol clone I think America would follow. Simon is the only reason why that show is huge

about seacrest defending sanjaya..


about seacrest defending sanjaya..


I think Sanjaya is hot

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