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April 21, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar to appear on David Letterman's show

Sanjaya Malakar has gotten more attention for losing on American Idol than anyone else ever has.  As a matter of fact, the androgynous Idol reject will appear on the David Letterman's show on Monday, April 23.

Sanjaya will present a top 10 spoof of himself titled, "Top Ten Little-Known Facts About American Idol's Sanjaya."  gaysocialites.blog managed to get an advanced copy of the Top Ten list, and it is as follows:

10. Hides meatballs in his hair for late-night snacking
9. Illegitimate child of Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson
8. Recently fired by Alberto Gonzales
7. Once sang to a man just to watch him die
6. His real name is Fred Smith
5. Actually named after the 11th herb and spice in the Colonel's secret recipe
4. He's 70 percent "San" and 30 percent "Jaya"
3. Parents named him based on letters they drew in a game of Scrabble
2. Despite numerous attempts, Angelina and Brad have not been able to adopt him
1. Only contestant who hasn't slept with Paula Abdul

Late Show with David Letterman airs Monday, April 23 (11:35 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


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haahahaha thats great! im DEFF gonna watch it...so basically he's making fun of himself?!? I HAVE to watch this!! heheee

The kid had a great run on the show. I'm a fan, hope he runs far with this opportunity. In my heart this kid did win. The show's producers know what they've done, tsk, tsk.

i am a fan too but omg!!all my friends hate him i like it when his hair is straight

omg my friends are the same way! theyre all like hes horrible and all and im like no hes not he just doesnt sing loud. theyre all crazy. its not just his voice i like tho its everything about him. im so gonna buy every cd he releases! and im gonna buy the sanjanary on ebay!!!

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