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May 16, 2007

American Idol shocker! Final two contestants announced.

Each year American Idol has a shocking elimination, but it has never come so late in the game. 

On Wednesday night, the Idol finalists were narrowed down to the Top 2 contestants and surprisingly Melinda Doolittle was eliminated.  That leaves Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis to duke it out for the American Idol title.

I never thought or predicted that Melinda Doolittle would face the fire this week.  I thought for sure that either Blake or Jordin would get cut this week, but I was sooo wrong. 

At this point, it is probably unpredictable and will be VERY close. 

Next week we will find out who the winner of the American Idol 6 will be.


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i CANNOT image a worst finale. melinda deserves better. i can't wait to buy her CD

Personally, I'm glad Jordin and Blake are still there.. I have to say they have been my favorites since day one. Its sad the Melinda had to go but then again i'm stoked about the other two.

At this point I couldn't care less who wins.

This is unbelievable and i think the producers of the show need to go back to the drawing board. May be the public vote could be two points and each judge vote counted as 1 point. Melinda should not have gone

This is an outrage to say the least. Melinda stood way above the other two and it is just wrong. Get it right next time voters....

yeah, melinda is gay, she deserves to win. gays rule!

i am so glad melinda dolittle is gone. she could sing but i didn't think she was my idol. give me blake or jordin any time

From the very beginning of the show,i have choosen JORDIN.She deserve to be the next AMERICAN IDOL.......

How do you vote for the winner - I missed the end of show - is there phone numbers

I think that Jordin has an amazing voice at such a young age! I vote for her!!

My favorite singer is actually "Jordin" but I was expecting Melinda to become the next American idol just because she's been consistant week after week, I was expecting Blake would be the one to go tonight, I was SHOCKED that they let Melinda go...wow!!!

In my opinion they should only allow "ONE vote PER person".Letting Melinda go was a BIG Shocker!!

In my opinion they should only allow "ONE vote PER person".Letting Melinda go was a BIG Shocker!!

Jordan Sparks rocks! She is young, beautiful and a great singer!

This is the only season of American Idol that I diligently watched every week .... had been impressed with Melinda that I did not care even of Sanjaya was extending his stay as long as Melinda was going to win.

I will never watch American Idol again after the best singer, Melinda has been eliminated.

people sabotaging the show....

american idol should be renamed: popularity singing contest, to be judged not necessarily by performance but by appeal to young teenagers.

First of all, I am a huge Melinda fan, BUT if anyone needs the break and deserves it the most it should be Jordin. She has vastly improved thus far just through the Idol process alone and for a young lady of her years, she truly is quite a versatile and talented singer.

I have always cared less for Blake Lewis on this show from day one and have seen no "singing" improvements throughout only egotistical and personalized beat/scat/scratch embellishments to songs. Personally, I think he would've been better suited for 'America's Got Talent', and that's being kind.
But hey to each their own, eh?

Melinda will be fine without the 'Idol' crown and kudos to her for singing and delivering her incredibly, fabulous, awesome best. Everytime!
I can't wait for the CD!!

What a shame! America voted so wrong! Whatever, I am not watching that show anymore! Melinda is my Idol. She is the BEST singer on that show ever!!!

Shocking! I expected Jordin & Melinda in the finale. Expected Blake to be out. Well, thats life. However, Jordin to be this year's Idol!!!!!

Let me see if I got this right! Clay loses & then goes platinum ,while winner Stoddard is forgotten, Bo Bice loses & goes gold while Fantasia who can scream but can't sing flops. Daughtry dosen't even make the finals , but is approaching 3mil. in sales, while the "Wedding Singer" Hicks flops. Now one of the best overall singer American Idol has ever had is eliminated for a weak voiced "teeny bopper" pop singer of which there are a dime a dozen (just watch Disney Channel) What can you expect from a voting procedure that kept Sanjay around so long. Thankfully the real voting is SALES. Sadly those "vote for the Worst" people think they are so cool, but in reality must be awfully lonely & mentally lacking, to try & get their thrills by hurting others

Who ever wins idol this season, should give up the title to Melinda. The winner knows they can not out sing Melinda. Everyone know Melinda is the real winner. The young people who vote over & over again don't know talent.

Who ever wins idol this season, should give up the title to Melinda. The winner knows they can not out sing Melinda. Everyone know Melinda is the real winner. The young people who vote over & over again don't know talent.

Tim McC: Very true pattern worthy of observation. Perhaps the third place winner should truly be the talent slot to watch and allow figuring-out how the top person's career is going to self-destruct on its own the true A.I. experience.
Just bummed with the pattern is all.

Omg! Im so glad that she is gone! Now lets vote for Blake all those Melinda fans!! He desrves it~

Yes! I disliked Melinda Very Very much! Go Jordin AnD Blake!!!

I have to admit, Melinda pulled the punches, listened to what the judges were saying, and honed her skill to the point that everyone thought she was sure-fire winner. Although a shocker to most, I had an aching feeling she was going. It comes down to X-Factor I think. Blake and Jordin are young, and let?s face it, it?s the 16-25 year old that are biggest share on buying CD?s. Melinda doesn?t deserve to go, it?s a crying shame. The only thing she should have worked on which could have changed her outcome possibly is her taking compliments and not being so modest. She knew she was good but her being surprised at the judges comments made me cringe. She reminded me of that self-conscient woman on Police Squad. Too many quiet, thank you?s and her stale personality did get to me after a while and likely did for a lot of fans who really thought she had it in the bag. I wish she had done a few ?FREEZE DIRTBAG? moments to shock everyone. Jordin is definately stronger of the remaining two, and with Melinda unjustly gone it?s an even tougher call for for a winner for most. Although this is not my choice, my money is on Blake, which could make for another "I'm not suprprised" on Idol this year. I do genuinely feel Balke will take his career further than Jordin will, but Jordin will come up with a more polished CD with more credability. I can't see Blake winning a Grammy at novelty beat-boxing. It'll get stale fast. Nevertheless all three will be signed, tour and make oodles of money... everybody wins and Simon gets even more ridiculously rich signing them to a label !

Go Blake! Hottie! Vote for Blake!

IDEA TIME! Let's have American Idol Charge say 25 cents for each vote called in & with the proceeds going to charity. This would eliminate the mass computer generated calls & the "teeny bopper" Disney Channel repetitive callers. Results would come from serious fans & would be a lot more legit. (Of course this would eliminate Idol's ability to brag to their advertiser about 40 to 60 million voters each week, so it will never happen)

What a joke to vote Melinda out!!! America, do you know about music? Do you know the person you vote is representing your country too? I'm so disappointed at those who only vote for the look and not for the voice.

honestly, i was a bit shocked with the results. i never thought melinda would be voted out, considering how a fantastic singer she is. its really mind-buggling. maybe this show should be categorized as that of a pageant show.....

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