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May 18, 2007

Amy Fisher dating Joey Buttafuoco again, Mary Jo moves on

The teenaged Long Island lolita, Amy Fisher, shot Mary Jo Connery-Buttafuoco in the face 15 years ago trying to win her older man, Joey Buttafuoco.  Friday, Mary Jo told Good Morning America that she is moving on, meanwhile Joey and Amy are evidently dating again.

When she was 17 years old, Amy Fisher was dating the much older Joey.  While trippin' on Ecstasy Amy went to Joey's Long Island home and shot his then-wife, Mary Jo, in the face.  When Mary Jo came 'round again, she and Joey went their separate ways.  Joey went to jail for a few months, and Amy Fisher went to prison.

Until a few months ago, Joey and Amy had both restarted their lives and remarried new people.  Today, they're both getting divorced and dating each other again.  I'm told they are shopping around for a reality show, and since money talks -- I would guess that it is pretty easy to look like you're in love again.

On Good Morning America, Mary Jo says "good riddance to both." While Mary Jo seems to agree that Amy and Joey are in it for the money, Mary Jo has moved on.  She is living in California where she runs a small business with her fiancé, Stu Tendler, called OriginalPartyPosters.blog, where they design party posters.

Being the reality TV junky that I am, I would love to see a reality show about Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco's love reunion!

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Log on to darydayshow.blog to see what the real problem is with the Amy/Joey get-together.

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