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May 30, 2007

A-Rod is S-O-L

Despite the fact that his performance on the fields has put the Yankees in some deep shit, it looks like Alex Rodriguez is SHIT OUT OF LUCK himself!  A-Rod was pictured on the front of the New York Post with a buxom blond, but it wasn't his wife Cynthia.

Not only does Rodriguez have a lot of explaining to do to Cynthia, but he also owes his team an explanation.  On the cover of the Post, A-Rod is seen entering a Toronto strip club with a mystery blond Sunday night.  The Yankees played and lost against the Blue Jays Monday. 

"The cozy duo dined with two pals at a pricey steakhouse late Sunday night," the Post reported, "then headed to a glitzy strip club before making their way to his hotel, where the pair ducked into an elevator and headed upstairs just after midnight."

Evidently A-Rod and his blond guest shacked up at the Four Season while the rest of the Yankees were down the street at the Park Hyatt.

This story has topped headlines and jammed the New York Post website all day long!  There's no avoiding this one Mr. Rodriguez.

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why would he do this knowing cameras could be following him? seems fishy!

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