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May 17, 2007

Britney Spears goes spiritual

Either Britney Spears has really lost it or she has realized God is the only one can help this train wreck she calls life. 

On Wednesday, Spears released a statement on her website thanking fans for their prayers and saying "we are all the lights of the world."

"The reason for this letter is to let everyone know that their prayers have truly helped me," Spears wrote. "I am so blessed that you care enough about me to be concerned and will continue to live in this brighter state with all of you by my side during this trying time. 

We are all the lights of the world and we all need to continually inspire others and look to the higher power. You are all in my prayers. Godspeed. Love, Britney," she wrote.

So does this mean Britney is turning from Toxic to holy?  I'm not so sure, but I do love how she refers to "this trying time" in the letter posted at www.britneyspears.blog.  I assume Spears is talking about her divorce, rehab, bald head, attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella, crotch shots and drug/ alcohol problems.

It makes me wonder if Britney is really getting better or if she just has better "people" guiding her comeback.  While you're on her site, notice that she used a racey picture to go along with the Godly announcement.  Adds to the doubt, doesn't it?!  I also love the fact that Britney used a nearly topless picture to talk about finding God. 

I'm not convinced.

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she has really lost it now. her career is OVER!

You want to check it out-here's an article written when the whole Britney Spears topless broke-who had pics up-who was asked to take her pics down, etc.


Hmm... Well there are many views of God (many gods and actual faiths also~"God" is a title not a proper name), not just the biggot-based (homophobic also I might add) "Christian" view &/or "god". So perhapes she's not refering to the same human-hating "god" that the author of this editoral is. Perhapes she refering to our actual Creator as opposed to the Biblical false god pretender who hates humaniaty, including the human body and form, as much as the obviously self-loathing Mr. Winters does. Interesting to see such puritanical and prudish comments on a supposedly "gay" site. Hmmm, curious indeed!

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