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May 30, 2007

Does Taylor Hicks have a new chick?

It looks like the gray-haired American Idol, Taylor Hicks, has a new woman in his life!  The blond mystery woman is WISN "12 News This Morning" anchor Caroline Lyders.

Hicks and Lyders were spotted caught ca-noodling on the beach recently, and it didn't take long for friends, fans and family to identify Taylor's new gal as Caroline Lyders.

In the photos, Taylor Hicks looks toned down and in shape while he and Lyders seem to be preparing to lock lips!

"Yes, Taylor and I are friends," Lyders told OnMilwaukee.blog managing editor Bobby Tanzilo Wednesday morning "and as a journalist I respect your asking. But beyond that, I'd rather not comment on my personal life."

C'mon Lyders, you could have totally given us more than that?!  And here I was starting to think that Taylor Hicks was gay.  Shame on me!

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