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May 02, 2007

Is that Angelina Jolie with Kylie Minogue's ex-boyfriend?

Oh no she didn't!  Angelina Jolie, sans her gorgeous counterpart Brad Pitt was spotted The man flirting with Kylie Minogue's ex-boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

Angelina has evidentlyalready had a round at Olivier though.  The two were rumored to have to have a fling while working together on the movie "Taking Lives" a few years ago.  

Now, Us Weekly is reporting that Angie and Olivier were looking a bit too intimate at a Tribeca Fim Festival after party.

Encouraged by a group of drummers, the actress eventually began waving her arms around. But it wasn’t until Jolie started dancing for Martinez that things got really wild.

“She turned to him on the banquette and was shaking it in front of him. She was giving him a lap dance, ” another reveler tells Us. “She was looking over her shoulder, tossing a glance his way.”

As another partygoer describes it, “It was very, very flirty.”

“When she is with someone she knows, she might appear to be flirtatious, but it’s just affection.”

That's no way for a woman who is dating the sexiest man alive and mothering a whole nation of adopted children to act.

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Bullshit story, is there any pictures to back this claim up and when is looking over your shoulder giving another man a lap dance and she and Oliver never was involved. Just leave the woman alone

What is it? It is true or you are hiking a story?

Oh, so she's not "battling a deadly disease, losing her hair and dealing with blinding migrain headaches," she's "giving lap dances to Martinez?" Do us a favor, let the woman help the world as best she can, raise her babies, love her man, and mourn her mother in peace, without constantly kicking her in the head? It's so sad to see other women literally trying to say the worst possible thing about such an admirable inspiring young woman ever single week. Just leave her the f**k alone already.

Cant u people talk about someone else? Leave Ange alone, u are giving her a hard time cant u see?

It's TRUE LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL How can you say it's not!!!!!!!!!!!! or is let just go by her past!!!!! Do you think she can do this whould she do this ????????????
Know she can say its a lie I did not do it!!!! Plese belive me!!!!
NO She did it !!!!! Brad your a Ass!!!!




This story is complete BS! Us Weakly is worse than the Enquirer because they pretend to be legit.

There were plenty of people at that party...including students.. A few have said this story is bull. She was urged into getting up and dancing by her friends..she danced the samba..the samba does not equal lap dance.This was a group of people having fun, celebrating a great event and of course someone has to make it into something it was not.

FYI, not that I have ever done so, but in order to give someone a "lap dance" you actually have to be in that person's lap.

I doubt the Jolie-Pitts even bothered to talk about this one.
There's enough other news for the "journalists" to write about these days, isn't there? There's Alec showing his true colors, Paris being her brilliant self, and Brittney... well, let's just not even start on that poor trainwreck. Haven't you all given up on Angelina yet? She can't help it if she is really lovely, but a look in the direction of a former co-star does not constitute a lap dance or flirtation. Actually, she would even be entitled to go as far as to speak to a former co-star, and that would really push you guys over the edge!

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