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May 18, 2007

John Mayer dumps Jessica Simpson

It looks like Jessica Simpson just has really bad luck when it comes to love!  Everyone in the world has the report this afternoon that John Mayer has broken it off with Jessica Simpson.

A source close to the singer-actress tells The ShowBuzz that Jessica and John broke up last week.

"They're still talking," the source said.

Simpson's rep, Lauren Auslander, of course, will not comment on Jessica's personal life.

Some GaySocialites spotted John Mayer by himself last night (Thursday) at Stereo here in New York, and Perez Hilton has already reported that "Fugs n' Jugs," as he called the Jessica Simpson - John Mayer combo, has gone split.

Sorry Jessica, keep trying!  You'll bounce back. 

As for John Mayer, he is soooo not fugly!

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i wish she could find "the one" i feel bad for her

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