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May 14, 2007

Kylie is in NYC

Kylie Minogue was spotted by some GaySocialites on Sunday night, but much to our surprise... she wasn't at Hot Mess @ Porky's.  She was at Hiro at Maritime Hotel.  I don't what these people have over there, but they need to bottle it and sell it!

If you're looking for something a bit crazier, you should come to Porky's for Hot Mess on Sundays!  It's a crazy good time, and we have our brand of celebrity.  We're still working on Kylie and Perez Hilton.

Lord help me.  And I don't know if she was alone or with the married man.

I guess I'm going to have to beg, huh Kylie?


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much to our surprise... she wasn't at Hot Mess @ Porky's. Answer me this...why would someone like her,be caught dead at a trashy bar that is sooo "1989",it would be expected that she would be at Hiro,Love,or if she was out on a saturday nite at Pacha or if she wanted to party with the gay boys at Avalon or Splash,please honey! Not all of us like that trashy little janitor's closet Porky's or that stank-hole Rush,the only gay party worth anything in this town is JBlair's Avalon Saturdays.(R.I.P. Roxy)

NO BODY goes to Avalon... Stereo is the place to be on Saturdays. Who wrote that comment? J.Blair himself??? LOL!

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