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May 28, 2007

Kylie Minogue and Michelle Rodriguez make nice


Kylie Minogue and Michelle Rodriguez have a bit of a "history."  Rodriguez was evidently the other woman in Olivier Martinez life for a while when Kylie was dating him.

Cannes has evidently brought Kylie and Michelle back together.  The Sun is reporting that Kylie tried to avoid Michelle all week, but their source says it wasn't so bad when the two women met up.

"Kylie refused to go to the party because she knew Michelle would be there. But they later bumped into each at the Hotel du Cap bar," the insider said.

"Michelle was feeling a bit bold so she made a point of cornering Kylie."

According to the Sun, Kylie and Michelle laughed and drank until the early hours along with New Zealand stunt actress Zoe Bell.

Can't help but notice that they looked a little stoned!  Was the Cannes Film Festival one big smoke out?

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michelle always looks horrible

Pic looks "photoshopped" to me !! So do not believe this story at all.

Anyway other papers had reverse story going on..they ignored each other.!!

Also isn't Michelle R lesbian ? And old friend ( not lover ) of Olivier M from back in filming days of SWAT 2001 or so..????

Michelle is always cool all the time.

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