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May 17, 2007

New Madonna song for a good cause

Madonna has released a new song for a good cause. 

The material girl's latest is called "Hey You," and the first million people who download it at www.msn.blog get it for free.  The coolest thing is that every time it's downloaded, Microsoft will donate 25 cents per download to the Alliance for Climate Protection for the first million downloads.

Madonna is one of many artists who have signed on to perform in concerts in eight cities around the world on July 7 in a bid to encourage governments, corporations and the public to take action on global warming.

Live Earth founder Kevin Wall released a statement saying that the May 16 release of the Madonna song was "an incredible boost to our efforts to get people engaged in the environmental cause."

My review of the song:  Our publisher, Anthony Lago, forced me to download this song so we could, for once, agree on a review.  We both agree:  It's crap!  But hey, it's free and for a good cause.

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You were both right,....I just listened to "Hey You",...and it *IS* crap!! What happened to Madge's music? I've been a Madonna fan since day one,...but this was subpar at best. No wonder she's giving it away,...no one would buy that!

I like "Hey You!"
It s not her very best Song, but great anyway.

Love M♥donna for everything - for her artistic Skills, great Music since 25 years, her human benefit actions esp. for Africa.

She s wonderful.

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