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May 13, 2007

Obama rally in Clinton turf bombs

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his supporters attempted to invade Hillary Clinton-country this weekend with a rally in New York.  Instead, Barack's people were practically laughed out of the big apple.

The press release I received promised at least 600 Obama supporters "strong"  The actual turn out was sad with only a couple dozen supporters in play.

The few supporters started at Hudson River Park, but by the time they made it to Battery Park where the rally was to conclude, most of the marchers had branched off to relax in the beautiful weather.

It would take a miracle for Barack Obama to beat Hillary Clinton in her home state, but that hasn't stopped him from trying!

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You may want to correct your article regarding Senator Obama in NYC. He had absolutely nothing at all to do with that. It was a group of supporters who organized all on their own for a 'Walk to support Obama" and a picnic in the park. He didn't organize it, his campaign didn't, it was done by a NYC resident who is a supporter. I would hope you could be more honest in your report. But then I guess the way you worded the headline would get you more attention than if you said a supportor of Senator Obama organized a get together now wouldn't it.

I've lost all respect for this site. I think this reporter should be fired for compromising the journalistic integrity of the site. And at the very least an apology should be forthcoming

What the hell. I'm not an Obama fan but your piece is clearly deceitful. The guy had a private fundraiser, nothing more. His campaign had no hand in this supposed rally that was put up by autonomous grassroots types.

Hear, hear. If the site had any integrity it would amend the post immediately. But it has failed to do so, thus treating readers with contempt, to match its own contempt for the truth.

Dude, or whatever, you are so beyond retarded, I can't begain to tell you.

This had nothing at all to do with Obama. Ya tard!

this is a blog you stupid stiffs.... its a gay blog that is obviously going to support a gay friendly candidate like Hill-dog. Get over it losers.

i love it how political flunkies take everything so personally. it doesn't matter if the rally bombed. barack osama bin ladin won't win this election, and if he wins the primary he will lose it for the democrats

Ladylibertee, i love how you call the writer a 'tard' and yet you fail to spell 'begin' correctly... Looks like someone didn't pay attention in their special education spelling class.

amber atkins- omg too fuckin' funny! people need to get a fuckin' grip. osama will never be president

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