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May 13, 2007

Paris Hilton's "people" tell her to just go to jail


Paris Hilton's friends and "people" have evidently advised her to buck it up and head for the slammer.  The judge required that Hilton turn herself into LA county jail by June 5th for violation of her DUI probation, but the hotel heiress has the choice of getting locked up sooner if she wants it that way.

It wouldn't be totally unheard of if Paris turned herself in early.  As a matter of fact, Martha Stewart took the option to head to jail sooner-than-later when the domestic diva was sent there herself.

A friend of Hilton's told In Touch Weekly: “Various people are telling her the chances of avoiding jail are just about nil. They are telling her she should take a deep breath, do her time and then get on with her life.”

In a statement issued by Richard Hutton yesterday, Paris said she was “ready to face the consequences of violating probation. No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than anyone else who violated probation. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse.”

At least Hilton looks good in orange!

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Good lord just put her in jail and shut her up, poor baby just doesn't get it.i think she really believes she is above the law and is too good to do time. any of us common people would have to just buck and do our time, so please just lock her up NOW.

paris hilton sux!

I am getting sick of hearing all of this stuff about petitioning to keep Paris out of jail, don't these people get that she broke the law and she should do the sentence that fits her crime. The 45 days does fit the crime. And as for the people who think that she is being treated harshly, think about this. She has already been let off with probation when anyone of us "normal" people would have been arrested on the spot. Also she has been given nearly a month before she serves her sentence when the rest of us would have gone straight to jail. Sorry Paris there is no get out of jail free card in real life.

if Arnold pardoned Paris, it would set a new standard that celebs would NEVER have to go to jail. Paris Hilton is retarded for even thinking she should get off the hook.

Paris Hilton is God and the thought of Her doing time in a prison is horrible.

hi i love paris hilton.me too

hi i love paris hilton.me too

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