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May 29, 2007

Turn the lights out, the party's over...

It's official.  Avalon Saturdays are on their way out.  gaysocialites.blog can exclusively report that John Blair is moving his Saturday night party once again.  The new venue is one that is probably very familiar to most of you.

Beginning June 30th, John Blair and Beto Sutter will take over Splash on Saturday nights.  That's not the end of it.  John Blair will not only promote Saturday nights at Splash, but he will also be a partner in the club.

John Blair tells me that this is an easy fix to a growing problem.  New York mega clubs are having a hard time surviving.  Blair blames City Hall.

"Nightlife in New York is going through a BIG change.  The city is making it very hard for large clubs to stay in business," Blair says. "Avalon will not last, Stereo will be torn down this summer and then there will be only Studio and Pascha.  These too are having problems with the city.  Things will not change until the Mayor does... which is 2 years away," he added.

So while Peter Rauhofer may take the Saturday night spotlight for now with Work at Stereo, John Blair is making a long term move with a formula that he hopes will last.

"We feel Splash is right in the middle... not a big club but not a small one either," Blair explains.

John also tells me that his move to Splash is somewhat of a reunion.  The current manager at Splash, Greg Jones, will be Blair's managing partner.

John and Greg have known each other for a while, nearly 20 years ago they worked together running a gym on the east side.

So if you're a die hard Avalon fan then get all of it that you can, because on June 30th, the party is moving to Splash.

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avalon is dumps
go to rush

NYC is starking to SUCK. I hate Bloomberg

New York sucks,this has nothing to do with the promoters,the city has been Fucking the nightlife up since like 2001-2002 Im sure everybody knows that,for those who use to hang out at Twilo and the Tunnel.

You Damn Right!!! New York sucks,and this does not have anything to do with the promoters,this has to do with the (SHIT FOR BRAINS) NYPD and city officials,I started hittin the clubs 2 years ago after my 18th B-day,my first stop was Roxy,second was Spirit,third was Crobar,then later I started going to Pacha thats like 4 big clubs,and 3 of those 4 are gone,Pacha is still around...but for how much longer? I know there were many more big clubs than that like,the Palladium,Tunnel,Twilo,the Sound Factory,I heard so many stories about Twilo,I would have loved that place,though I was practically dancing in the same spot that Twilo was housed in (a.k.a. Spirit) The gay club market has shrunken even more so after 2005/2006ish.I think my biggest mistake was starting my clublife in New York City,I had no idea the city was so ill-minded toward nightlife.If I had known all this anti-nightlife bullshit was going on I would have waited until my ass moved to Montreal or San Francisco where ever there is a larger gay community and gay market and club scene.The city just started snatching the dancefloor of my favorite places right from under my feet.It seems like the city has the same type of nightlife as Jersey,the only difference is that you wont need a car to get to these small dinky little places.I guess this is where tax dollars go in this city,finding new ways to make life miserable for the people.New York is garbage thats all I have to say.

It's not just the greedy promoters (which they are), it's also not just the city even though that is a huge contribution, the third element of the problem of New York Nightlife dying is the queens who live here. Everyone is spending their time sitting on manhunt with a crack pipe. I've worked in the new york nightlife business for the past four years, not to mention the time I spent going out before that. I have watched as more and more people have stopped going out. Sadly it's getting to the point where I don't blame them because nothing is good anymore. I wish people would log off manhunt, put down the pipe, or bring it out if you have to i don't care, just come out of the house and start having fun again.

More like his party SUCKED and no one was going and he couldn't fill such a large club anymore. Also heard that the part about stereo closing is nothing but bullshit...

John Blair has lied and lied and lied so many times that it's a wonder anyone listens to his "spin". He's just pissy that Peter's party is going so well and he can afford good talent like Offer, Manny, Paulo...

If you notice, it says nothing about Avalon CLOSING, just that he is moving his party. He neglected to tell the real reason why... but if you go there on a saturday, the suckiness of it all will be more apparent. Sure, bloomberg sucks, but he's not the reason JB can't throw a decent party. Just check his style... looks like he hasn't moved on in the past 20 years so maybe it's a good thing for him to go back to the only thing he knows. 1987. Nuff Said.

My best friend and I were just having a phone convo about this,The city's nightlife has fallen apart big time.As someone else mentioned its not just the city officials,NYPD and some of the promoters,its also the people,my friend and I use to go out every single weekend without missing a beat,we were both big fans of Roxy and Spirit,we also went to Crobar together it aint the same since in turned to Studio Mezmor.Pacha is another cool place despite the fact that its str8.Point is...while some of us have put in the time and money to go out every weekend,others just sit at home on gay.blog or some other shit.Str8 people are no better either,it would be nice to see all clubbers and nightlife associates get off their asses and start helping us protest this garbage,what I dont get is..how the NYPD and city officials can take something thats an enjoyable,exciting,innocent thing that alot of people do,especially young people,and turn it into something like "we are all terrorists and must be stopped" thats exactly what these Douche-bag Mother Fuckers are doing.If you went down 27th street last summer when crobar and spirit were around you would know what I am talking about,The electronic billboards,the bright high-powered construction lights,the large number of cops across the street doing their recruiting ritual,as if they are planning an attack on one of the clubs on that block.Not just on 27/28 street but all over the fucking chelsea area,its fucking ridiculous,thats MY reason for not going out like I use to,it has nothing to do with the clubs or the promoters.A party can be as good as you make it,John Blair gets good DJs and Rauhofer does too,but dissing the promoters and the clubs is part of the reason why we are having this nightlife Crisis in the first Damned place.Everybody is dissing the promoters and clubs,and not even lifting a Fucking finger to save what we have left and with all this anti-nightlife shit going on,nothing new and exciting is going to come around here.It seems people that go out today dont care about anything else except getting wasted and going home wit a piece of ass or cock,however they prefer.This guy I talked to at Roxy one nite told me "there was a time when you didnt have to show I.D. at the club and you could be as young as 17 and they would still let you in.There was a time when going out to the club was about the music,not about what you looked like how old you were or who you knew.It use to be about having fun,dancing in unity,and getting to know the people around you,clubbing was a way for the community to get together,young and old alike.It was about the music...House Music" He was like 30 something and he was telling me about the glory days of Twilo and Tunnel.Apparently those glory days of the New York club scene are over.bloge to think of it,it was Guliani's bullshit "quality of life" campaign that started this Bullshit.The New York clubscene use to be fun when it was mostly about Big room clubbin and house music.Hearing that from an old school clubber's perspective,I would have to agree at this point.It makes me wish I turned 18 in 1995 rather than 2005.I guess I better get ready to move away from New York next year.I need new Scenery!!!

Here's the thing- nightlife in new york city has been under the knife for many years- probably sparking back to the days of Steve Rubell at Studio 54 and the big IRS bust. Since then, things have been riding along- coasting until the whole Angel/Michael Alig thing went down. Since then we in the nightlife community have been feeling the pressures from the city with more and more restraints. I cant even begin to blame Bloomberg because it really goes back to the evil demon known only as Gulliani who went on a city wide witch hunt for the hookers and freaks of NYC. He slowly and systematically began to shut things down. Bloomberg has just been carrying on Rudy's legacy.

I also feel the need to blame a lot of the Straight Clubs who have continued to endorse a culture of violence and exploitation of women. By turning a blind eye to a lot of underage partying they have fallen victems to club violence and murders etc...

This has just furthered the scrutiny on nightlife in general. Given the hightened partying in gay community and generic run of the mill homophobia no wonder the city might be after us as well. Lets face it- the era of legendary mega parties is dead. It has become increasingly harder for gay nightlife empresarios to make money. If people want to continue to enjoy nightlife in the city people have to come up with new smarter ways to have fun and reinvent the "party". And we all have a responsibility to elect public officials who wont victimize innocent party promotors, performers, queens, bartenders and club staff who just wanna have a good time. It's really up to YOU. If YOU want to party- do something about it and vote to put people in power that wont attack our night life culture.

John Blair became a sad clown and a MAJOR liar.
Avalon kicked him out cuz he doesnt bring in the crowd.
The new generation follows a deejay and NOT a 70yr old clueless promoter.
And YES lots of great promoters can still fill megaclubs in this city. John Blair NOT.

Let him go to Splash cuz thats the only place where he belongs. It's as tacky and tired as his hair style.

PS:.....and Rauhofer's WORK party won't just take the "Saturday Night spotlight for now..." - he already took over the day Roxy closed.

Happy Pride!

John YOU suck and so does your party.
Blame it on you and your fat drunk boyfriend.
Stereo gets teared down just like Roxy, right? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Bring on some more lies!

See this is why I left New York,You Faggot queens are always stirrin drama and this is why new york nightlife sucks big horse cock,its not the promoters and its not the clubs,its you Faggot trash queens,thats why my ass is in San Francisco bitches!!!

John Blair worked the NY Gay Scene into the ground, Roxy, XL, Spirit, Myst, Estate, Avalon......
He's clueless & tacky.

Hmm, I'm kind of shocked.
So many of you are SO UNenlightened to facts, so you just make up your own!

First, yeah there are some greedy promoters. Sorry to say, but John Blair has not been one of them. I could list a ton of times other promoters were charging - as one example - 100 bucks for New Years while JB would charge 30 or 40. That's greedy eh? I don't think so.

Also - there are many 'behind the scenes' things that go on that some of you bitchy queens are ignorant to (and don't even know you're ignorant to). The cost of a club. The cost of DJ's. The competition. The staff. The city political crap, the authorities' pressures, and more.

Let's not forget what one poster wisely pointed out: many of YOU sit at home fantasizing online about some guy(s) you'll probably never meet (most of you will have jerked off before it gets that far) and aren't participating and contributing to nightlife. You can only lead a horse to water, ya can't make it drink - as the saying goes. So many are unwilling to get out there (and have some FUN, make new friends, hookup, whatever) because it's lazy and easy to go online and live in your head rather than in the real world.

And, Stereo, btw, is a 650 seater (er, with standing room) compared to a BIG club like Avalon. Stereo is hot and smelly. Avalon is kept nicely, has a patio, and a great staff. I mean it's like comparing apples and oranges.

No matter what I might say - and a few others have -- some of you bitchy people will always pick an argument based on little information or fact, so I don't expect my posting to make a dent.

And, while no one is a Saint, John Blair is owed some credit for at least trying really hard to make this a gay scene; other promoters promote to whomever they can, but USE gay people as the entree.

Again, get your facts right at least. You probably don't even know HOW promoters make money. I'd bet on that.

And, I suspect most of the bitching here is from people with an agenda, or an affiliation, or players who couldn't get what they want. Mostly sour bitching losers it seems.

Oh well. I said my piece. Doubt it will make a diff. And, with the attitude some of the posters here have, no wonder gay nyc nightlife is dying. And they're helping to kill it.

Like anything else in life, if you're not contributing to the well-being of something, you're probably adding to its demise. Whatever happened to the sense of "community" (which, btw, John Blair, Beto Sutter and their staff have tried to create and maintain, but some of you are so ill informed you wouldn't know that).

Example: The Roxy closing ...
It's the OWNER who set the date, NOT JB. It's the OWNER (who also owns Stereo, btw) who, at the LAST MINUTE, changed it to 21+ on the last/closing night of Roxy - while TONS of 18 to 20 year olds stood in the rain. It was NOT JB's doing.

Many promoters are somewhat hostage to the owners. It's obvious some of the bitchers here wouldn't and don't know that. So, again, they make things up or blame the most known name (like John Blair in this case) rather than the person(s) responsible for some of the shit.

Oh well... maybe the gay NYC community exists no more. From just the sampling of posts here, I'd say it's in the same shape that nyc clublife is ... A MESS.

Tah tah.

Yeah, I was up in NYC for my B-day awhile back and it seem like the gay scene was evaporating all over the place. the only fun club was Mr. Blacks? I was at NYU when Twilo and Pallidum reign sumpeme and it was very good times. Thanks to the shrinking gay scene, I have set aside my dream to move back to NYC and am staying in DC, even though DC's club scene is on the same track as NYC. We have to wait until Democrats are back in office to have our scene back...at least that's my hope.

Very interesting. My friend Billy told me to go and read the "comments" about Avalon. I appreciate Billy posting that email but the nasty things that two of those queens wrote is just so much bull.

You all wait until September and see what is up and open in the city. Peter and Offer are doing well at Stereo. The night they are not there the place is dead. Avalon never gets over 1000 people and the average age is 21 to 30. Avalon is way too big for 1000 people.

Avalon did not ask us to leave, as a matter they made us stay an extra month as was in our contract. They were very happy with us as were the police.......the fact that a gay night was there and not a hip hop party.

The opportunity at Splash had nothing to do with Avalon. It was something that had been in the works for 6 months. Our investment in Splash was because this will be one of the last places standing until we get a new mayor.

Those who say other wise either are stupid or have maybe did not get a gold card and are pissed. HA

Those are the facts with no bull shit.

John Blair

To Mr. Blair,

I don't know if you'll come back again to this site. But in your comments you didn't say much about how the city officials are to be held responsible for the shrinking of NYC's night life. I'd like to know more information from an insider's point of view and experience. Thanks.

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NOT john blair

NOT john blair

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