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May 03, 2007

The real reason Rosie is leaving the View

When she announced she was leaving the View, Rosie O'Donnell told Viewers that she was leaving because she couldn't reach a deal with ABC Daytime.  That part is true. 

O'Donnell also said that ABC wanted her to stay for three years, and she only wanted to stay for one.  That's also evidently true. 

Here's the discrepancy, Rosie wanted $10M for that one year contract, and ABC Daytime wanted to pay her $6M for a three year contract.  It seems like they're a bit off....  She admitted that it seemed "unbearably greedy," but she also took into account the amount of money ABC earned by having her there this year.

Rosie addressed her split from the View among other things on her Monday morning blog including why she removed the link to the View from her blog.  She said she removed the link so she could "have blog freedom."

O'Donnell also admitted that she loves Elisabeth Hasselbeck and thinks she has grown while Rosie has been the moderator.

Rosie is never afraid to sensor herself and always strangely down to earth.

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