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May 02, 2007

Two contestants leaving American Idol

Two American Idol hopefuls will be sent packing this week as Fox tries to catch up on Wednesdays' results show.  Last week, Ryan Seacrest built up shocking results that turned out to be a freebee for the contestants.  No one was voted off last week, so this week Idol is giving two contestants the boot.

After rocking out with Jon Bon Jovi, the Idol wannabes have drawn a new line in the sand.  Phil Stacey sucked as usual, and Jordin Sparks could have proved that she is simply lucky at times.  Based on Tuesday night's performances, Phil and Jordin should be the next to go home. Although I wouldn't be too sad to see Chris Richardson go.  As I've said, the world already has one Justin Timberlake.  Why we would we want an uglier, chubbier version?

Melinda Doolittle did great, as usual, while this was a major comeback week for LaKisha Jones.  Simon Cowell even kissed her after her performance.  Blake Lewis took a risk by beat boxing the Bon Jovi signature song "You Give Love a Bad Name," and it really paid off.  Blake was probably the best of the week.

The results will be revealed on Wednesday at 9pm with a special performance by Bon Jovi.

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