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May 21, 2007

Weekend of Fun

This was one wild weekend.  From trashy boys at 4Play Fridays to a million texts, calls and emails trying to combat bad-publicity-turned-good on Saturdays to partying with celebs and 80's pop stars on Sunday.  I need some rest!!

Fridays of course are now reserved for 4Play Fridays, and you wouldn't believe the energy at this party.  Everyone always seems to be having so much fun, and with both floors open - the music variety was like nothing we've ever seen under that roof!  Brandon even pulled out his keg and made sure everyone was good and drunk by the time morning rolled around.

On Saturday, the GaySocialites were back at Rush despite the fact that Tony "Gambino" got fired and tried to bash the party by lying to everyone and telling them the club is straight now.  I guess karma really does bite you in the ass.  Didn't he realize that would TOTALLY kill any speck of credibility he has left?  Maybe he just doesn't care. 

Regardless, there were more people there this Saturday than there has been in a while. For the first time in recent years, this NOTORIOUS party didn't stop until the sun was up.

You know my philosophy, even bad publicity is still publicity.

Sundays should really be the first day of the weekend, because things keep getting wilder and wilder at Porky's.  This party truly is a Hot Mess packed with hipsters, former twinks, Chelsea boys and celebs.

Steve Sidewalk and Adam gave away tons of Andrew Christian underwear, debuted Adam Joseph's Faggoty Attention music video and even supplied a late night serenade by 1980's pop singer Tiffany singing her song "I Think We're Alone Now."  I also spotted Marc Jacobs seemingly reunited with former boy toy Jason Preston dancing the night away behind the VIP ropes while porn star Ben Andrews tried on undies with the go-go's at the bar.

You never can tell what will happen next Sunday at Porky's.  Things there just keep getting crazier and crazier.

Next week is Memorial Day Weekend.  It's definitely one of my favorite times to be in the city! 

More photos for Friday and Sunday parties at www.zailen.blog.

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I didn't realize that many people could fit in there. Where did the confeti come from?

The Confetti is from the HOT MESS party. It's a big space. And tons of fun

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smihercw bnmog osmgcvwaq igaouyexk ayqsk elps vzjcmh

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