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June 19, 2007

Age of Love kicks off first contestant


Tonight kicked off the Age of Love reality show on NBC.  Since I was out covering the HX awards, I missed it...  yes, it's true.  I don't own DVR, but thankfully I have the internet and turned to Reality TV Magazine.

It looks like it was an interesting night as thirty year old Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis met the contestants that will be competing for his heart on this season's show.

If you don't feel like reading the whole recap, this lady pictured here - Jodie - was eliminated.

In the “Age Of Love,” thirty year old Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis is initially introduced to a group of seven older women. Mark is caught off guard by the women’s ages, but he handles it well. 

For his first date, Mark took Jayanna, Lynn, and Maria repelling down the side of a building.  Even though Jayanna was initially afraid, she wound up flying down the side of building.  As Mark is off on his date with three older women, six younger women arrive in a helicopter.  While waiting for Mark, the younger women entertain themselves with a hula hoop.

For elimination night, Mark called the women and told Angela, Lynn, Jodie, and Jayanna to meet him downstairs.  As the four women waited on pedestals, Mark called them forward one by one.  Mark told Jodie that he saw her more as a friend than someone he could have something with down the line.  Jodie said “I have to go home tonight, but that’s ok.  That’s ok, I have my sweet little boy to see.  I hoped I’ve helped show that a woman in her forties is sexy and interesting and powerful.  Whoever the right person for me is, he’s out there.”

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