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June 01, 2007

Alex Rodriguez's mystery blond revealed

Alex Rodriquez's mystery blond was expose today on the cover of the New York Post.  A-Rod's new blond is Joslyn Noel Morse.  Morse is a stripper and Playboy Bunny wannabe who works in Vegas where Rodriguez evidently has been filling his stripper addiction.

Morse is a corn-fed Catholic-school girl from Iowa who quickly took up the stripping trade after high school, sources said. For the past decade, she was licensed to work as an "entertainer" at several Vegas strip clubs, according to Nevada state records the Post reports.

The oddest part of the Post cover story is that they casually mention the fact that A-Rod's wife Cynthia was spotted by his side on Thursday.  The night before, Cynthia was spotted leaving the couple's swanky New York City apartment.  Mrs. Rodriquez snubbed reporters and appeared to be moving out.  I guess not.

The couple obviously wanted to avoid the controversy as Cynthia smiled and A-Rod blushed.

"It's been enough," A-Rod sighed in frustration as he signed autographs.

No word on where Morse is currently hiding out.  Maybe we'll see her on A-Rod's arm late night while Cynthia is sleeping. 

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homewrecker whore

Cyndi is so much prettier than this whore.

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