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June 23, 2007

Angelina hopes film doesn't affect travels

Angelina Jolie says she hopes the opening of her new film "A Mighty Heart" doesn't affect her travels as a UN ambassador.

The film about the kidnapping of Jewish-American journalist Daniel Pearl, directed by Briton Michael Winterbottom and produced by Jolie's baby daddy Brad Pitt, is a procedural thriller that shows how a disparate group of Pakistanis, Indians and Americans unite to try to save Pearl before Islamic terrorists butcher him.

"I miss (Pakistan)," Jolie said. "I have been there three times and I have a deep love for that part of the world, and I'm very saddened by how every day it seems to breaking more and more apart."

Jolie and Winterbottom said that the film, based on the autobiographical book by Mariane Pearl, is largely accurate.

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