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June 27, 2007

Blake Lewis answers the question: Is he gay?

We asked your opinion in May.  Is Blake Lewis Gay?  At the time all we had was one strange myspace photo and some photoshop work done with him and Chris Richardson.

Blake was a guest on the Johnjay and Rich radio show in Arizona on Wednesday morning and he addressed one pressing subject of speculation.

“I’m definitely not gay,” he told the deejays. “I’m straight. I’ll scream it out loud.”

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Not gay? and i'm Madonna...

If he says he is not then he is not. Anyway it's not a big deal if he is. He is hot but it does not matter if he is straight or gay

Hey Amber;
It's folks like you that are SO frustrating. Even when a person answers the question, you still just beleive what you WANT to beleive. How would you like it if folks just beleived whatever they wanted to about you, no matter what you said? YOU are what society calls IGNORANT!!

hey deanne: get a dictionary. It is people like you who frustrate me, because you can't read or write.

Hey Deanne,

It's people like you that are the filth and vile in this country... You feel the need to stifle someone else's voice when they are simply voicing their opinion... It's a free country, have you not heard? We all know you can't read or write, but maybe someone, at sometime in your life, told you that everyone has the right to express their opinion without being berated by a two-wit menstrual case like you.

Take your Midol and a LONG nap. We won't miss you.

Hey Amber and Anonymous;
You all don't have to get so pissy with Deanne just because she is defending the fact Blake is NOT gay. Apparently your view that everyone is entitled to their own opinion ONLY applies if that opinion is that Blake is gay. I would be just as big of a fan if Blake were gay, but just face it, he's not. You don't have to hate on anyone who has the courage to post on this board and say that he's not. Bottom line is, ALL of us should just be willing to take Blake at his word, if he says he's not gay, then who are we to decide that this kid is just a liar. Do any of you who are attacking those who choose to take Blake at his word, have PROOF to show that he is lying????? If not, stop attacking people for simply choosing to trust someone.

well yeah! of course he's not gay!

go blake! your hottt!

well yeah! of course he's not gay!

go blake! your hottt!

If he says he isnt. he isnt. People can think otherwise. Who cares?

i think you're missing the pt. deanne is making it sound like blake was accused of something bad and so it's mean and hating not to believe him. i don't think that's what's happening. you'd still be his fan if he were gay, great, but sadly there are millions of people who wouldn't. so how can anyone expect him to say he is, if he is?

if blake's gay, i don't blame him for saying he isn't. my sympathy's all with him. and i think this is what people are trying to say. they aren't attacking him. not at all. they're criticizing deanne for making it sound like it's such a big favor to him to say "of course you're not gay." it isn't. you can talk about "lying" and "a liar" but nobody is criticizing him that way at all. we're saying we get why he'd have to hide from the homophobes.

fuck you! he is not! gay!!!!!

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