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June 15, 2007

Campbell Brown leaving NBC for CNN

NBC's superstar Weekend Today anchor, Campbell Brown, is leaving the peacock to take a new job at CNN according to reports on Friday. 

This means CNN is likely to shuffle their line-up leaving Paula Zahn and Lou Dobbs wondering what time they need to report for work!

Campbell Brown's contract is up with NBC at the end of June, and her move to CNN could leave the network with the opportunity to pick up ground during the competitive 8pm time slot. 

Which ever anchor fills the 8 p.m. slot faces some stiff competition as it is the most competitive hour in cable news, with Fox's Bill O'Reilly and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann both out rating CNN.

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NBC has lost a real talent - Campbell Brown is a fine

professional - I can't believe that NBC let her go. I also

like Meredith Viera very much - but I'm sure they could have

found a spot for Campbell.

How could Today pass her over for Meredith...she is annoying...Campbell was a perfect fit...and they blew it! I hope Today realizes what a gem they let go!

I agree with Neil...I think NBC blew it in allowing her to leave the network, but regarding Meredith Viera...she started out OK but over time has become increasingly annoying, which is feeding the rumors of trouble between her and Matt Lauer, whether true or not. God forbid they every let Matt Lauer go...he's one of the best things to happen to NBC in years. Campbell Brown was not only a pro, but enjoyable to watch and listen to also. I think NBC skipped over quite a few qualified people already employed by their network by choosing Meredith, not that she's not capable or professional at all, just not the quality they already had. At least they didn't hire Rosie...2 points for them on that one.

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