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June 30, 2007

Did 'roid rage' kill the Benoit family?

The scene is gruesome to the imagination and reality. 

When police searched Chris Benoit's Georgia mansion, they found three dead bodies. 

In one room, they found the body of Nancy Daus Benoit with a Bible placed beside it.  In Nancy and Chris' son room they found a lifeless Daniel Benoit surrounded by his favorite wrestling toys that collectively formed a shrine to his father and a Bible laying near by.  In the weight room, they found Daniel's father - former WWE champion - Chris Benoit dead, having hanged himself with his workout equipment.

Who would do such a thing?  In this case, it was a double murder suicide.  Authorities suspect that wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife Nancy last Friday night.  The next morning, he killed his son Daniel.  The following day, he killed himself.  The first question that comes to your head is:  Why would someone do this?  Many experts say all signs point to 'roid rage.'

Police also found anabolic steriods while searching the Benoit family home, adding feul to the fire of claims that Chris went into an angry fit as a side effect of the drug and murdered his family.

Authorities raided Benoit's doctor's office and are currently investigating online sources who may have supplied Chris with the drugs.

As this case remains open for now, a service for Nancy and Daniel has been scheduled for next week in Daytona, Fla.

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thats crazy

thats crazy

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