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June 26, 2007

Gay Pride New York City 2007 Wrap Up!


I have a lot of thank you's to hand out after this amazing gay pride week in New York City last week.

Again, we can't thank you enough for voting HOT MESS at Porky's as the Best Gay Lounge Night in NYC.

If you have been keeping up with the nightclub scoop here at gaysocialites.blog, then you know that we accepted the honor last Monday at the HX Awards.

HOT MESS's Gay Pride Double Your Pleasure Party Sunday was fun, crazy, insane... words can't describe it!!  This party is truly the talk of the town, and on the gayest of gay nights the boys locked to HOT MESS to get a taste of the insanity known as Porky's.  There were too many DJs and drag queens to count including Epiphany, Logan, Acid Betty, Rainblo, Lady Fag, DJ Adam, Steve Sidewalk, John Marto and J-Roc (the list actually goes on and on.

This party has quickly become one of the best parties in New York City.  There's nothing else in the city like HOT MESS @ Porky's.

Also seen: porn star Ben Andrews, socialite Jason Preston, Kurfew founder Jeff Brenner, singer Adam Barta and whole gaggle of go-go boys.

Its true that the venue is going to start charging a cover of $5 next week.  If you just tell the door diva that you're a GaySocialite then it's free.. Socialites shouldn't have to pay a cover, ever!  It's that simple.

My pride partying actually kicked off the night before for Notorious Saturdays at Rush.  Again, I can't say thank you enough.  This place was packed and everybody was having an amazing time.  There was a constant line to get into the club, and all three floors were opened!  I pat Dave and Rob on the back!  They're doing a great job of keeping the 18 and over party scene alive.  Logan and Chandelier burned it up while Alixandria used her own process of elimination (that some might call rape) to help crown Mr. Gay Pride.

This was just a taste of what is coming up.  Next week, the Notorious staff welcomes back one of the club's founders, BoiParty.blog.  BoiParty and GaySocialites will join forces with Chris Ryan, Joey Merlot, Jean Luc, The Gay List and more to bring you this event every Saturday night.

Now that you've had a taste of Hot Mess, its addictive.  The party is that much fun every week, and it is only getting crazier!

Thanks again to you all!

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