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June 8, 2007

HX magazine spotlights same slut we busted!

This week's HX magazine cover boy, Ben Andrews, just happens to be the same slut that gaysocialites.blog busted fooling around with Marc Jacob's quasi-boy friend, Jason Preston.  The rising gay porn whore is on the HX cover, and inside he talks about his new found career in Michael Lucas' porn biz. 

We here at gaysocialites.blog don't see the appeal with Ben Andrews, but evidently Lucas Entertainment doesn't agree with us.  (That actually makes me feel a lot better!)

The author of the HX article must also need glasses.

"I force myself to focus on Ben’s face. His cheekbones and bright blue eyes make it easy," Steve Guiterrez writes.

In the porno The Intern, Andrews plays a geek who "mixes silliness and smut" according HX, which is also a pretty good description of its star.

Michael Lucas even admits that Ben seems to have slept with everyone in just a few weeks. 

“Within three weeks of being in New York, Ben knows all the downtown celebrities,” Lucas told HX.

Does that mean Ben Andrews is leaving now?  We can really only hope!


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hahaha charlie you're bad!! good piece just the right amount of cattiness and factual information, loves it!!!

ben andrews is buttfugly

r u fucking blind charles weeners? ben andrews is mad hot, and u r jus jelous that he won't fuck u. death to the socialite

oh my fucking god. bust it up charles! ben andrews is soo ugly. he thinks he is ugly betty according to that hx spread. he needs to spend more time cleaning his foreskin and less time rubbing on marc jacob's boyfriend

charles-u get more and more evil every day. karma will get you son.

Don't hate me because I am beautiful

Ben Andrews is scum. He has left a trail of STDs all over downtown Manhattan and the biohazard units are STILL trying to contain the Ben Andrews contamination of NYC...

May we all be safe from this bag of AIDS.

A glorified average looking porn star. The world of gay porn is saturated with drugs and disposable men, he will become a has-been at the tender age of 26.

I hate it that so many good kids fall into this porn lifestyle that is somewhat encouraged by today's society. It is sad to say that most of them will barely be walking by the time theyre 40. Either that or they pass away of aids or another std. Mike lucas seems to be problem here. He should go back to Bulgaria or wherever he spawned. But that is just my 5 cents. Ricky

Ben Andrews looked about 36 in his first few movies, but after a make-over, improved somewhat. (What was up with leaving his shirt on while fucking in La Dolce Vita? Ruined that scene, practically!) Scarily, he is now starting to look like Michael Lucas. I hope they are not sharing the same plastic surgeon.

Anyway, HX sets a really bad example for young guys by glorifying the physical aspects (in this case, just one organ in particular), and celebrating someone who isn't really that interesting, smart, or cool.

Not knocking porn stars, though.... I mean, Jeff Stryker was cool as shit. And he has a sense of humor.

Sounds like someone has a hard-on for Ben. What's the matter...did another cute boy reject you? Does it make you feel better to say mean things about him?

Sorry Charlie.

Here's what I think: You are a typical bitter queen who has nothing better to do when sipping your cosmo than to try to break down other people with your insults and gossip. You give the rest of us a bad name. Some socialite...know one I know has ever heard of you.

Ok, really? Ben Andrews is doing nothing but living the life he's got. Noone forced Marc Jacobs into doing shit with him, not even Ben. Have you actually hung out or met Ben? He's not a real aggressive or domineering kid. I went to High School with Ben and during the time he lived here to now, he's done nothing but gotten ten times hotter and I give him mad props for getting out of this shit hole and making a name for himself. So don't hate him because he's doing something you would, if you could. Later days!


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The appeal is that he is young and not circumcised like those tired old queens from the 70s. Skin is in, scars are out!

The attraction is that he's younger and not circumcised, like those tired queens from the 70s. Skin is in, scars are out!

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