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June 14, 2007

Kelly Clarkson fires her manager

The original American Idol Kelly Clarkson seems to be cleaning house after rumors spread of a battle between she and record mogul Clive Davis over Kelly's upcoming album.

Now, Page Six is reporting that Clarkson has fired her manager.

KELLY Clarkson - the "American Idol" winner who was at war with Sony BMG boss Clive Davis over artistic control of her third album - has fired her manager, The Firm's Jeff Kwatinetz. "Kelly has clearly seen the light," laughed a Davis crony. Clarkson, who's sold 11 million records, has insisted on writing all the songs on her third album and spurned the tunes by other composers which Davis, "the man with the golden ears," was offering her. "Kwatinetz, a co-producer of Kelly's upcoming album, led her down the road of recording without the benefit of Clive Davis' magic and collaboration with hit-making songwriters," our source said. "Clive was trying to stop her from jumping off a cliff." Kwatinetz, who treated Clarkson like "a little sister," was said by a pal to be "shocked." "She's not happy, and she can't fire Clive, so she fired Jeff," said the source.

Let's hope this is just a minor reshuffling and not the beginning of Kelly's breakdown, shall we?

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Kelly Will make it through this, without any breakdowns!! Since yesterdays news her Myspace page views and music listening has trippled!!! (www.myspace.blog/kellyclarkson) so the fans still love her!! She will someday sell out big arenas, but hey i could care less where i see her perform!! She is a strong, loved, and talented artist! Life is not suppose to always be easy!! She still remains one of the most humble, and real artist in the world, and an Amazing voice to match!!! Go Kelly!!

Chicago's #1 Kelly Clarson Fan
Philip Leodoro

I agree with you totally 100%. Thank You. You said it man. Word.

Oh, and you misspelled Clarkson in your signiture phrase.

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