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June 29, 2007

Kylie calls in sick to Elton gig


Kylie Minogue was expected to perform at one of Elton John's fundraisers on Thursday night, but evidently Kylie called in sick!

After winning her battle with breast cancer, sources close to Kylie say she isn't taking any chances and found herself too tired to perform at the fundraiser.

Instead, Elton took the stage himself.

"Elton doesn't usually perform at his own parties but he wasn't upset," a source told the Sun.

Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Hugh Grant and Boris Becker were among the guests Elton's home in Windsor, Berks.

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How blessed they all were not to have her trotting out the same old songs in that adenoidal voice.Too tired..she has just been on holiday in Portofino doing nothing at all.The cancer is so overplayed now too.Jeez it was 2.5 years ago...get over it.

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