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June 8, 2007

Meet J.P. Calderon

First J.P. Calderon starred on Survivor then on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency then an 'outing' cover on Instinct.  This week hottie J.P. graces the pages of HX Magazine where he talks about his upcoming appearance at Splash.

HX: What can we expect from your upcoming Splash appearance? A skinny dip in one of the showers?
J.P. Calderon: Maybe. Who do I get to shower with?

Don’t tease me, J.P. I’m fragile. You just got back from appearing at Gay Days in Orlando. Which ride were you most excited to go on?
The water slides at Typhoon Lagoon!  

What would be your perfect “Gay Day”?
Having all my worlds—gay, straight, friends and family—all together. That would be my ultimate day.  

Aw. What’s your biggest OGT—Obviously Gay Trait?
OGT? Being on the cover of Instinct! [Laughs] Just kidding. I’m a big primper.  

If a guy wanted to have a chance with you, what item of clothing must he never, ever be wearing?
There are so many items of clothing. Just keep it simple, clean and tailored to your physique—that’s hot.   

Okay, you’ve made it to the top two of American Idol: Which song do you choose?
India.Arie’s “Beautiful.” I’d be lip-synching, so anything I can pull off would be a saving grace.  

If you were ever forced to do drag, which celebrity would you want to emulate?
I would never do drag. It would cost a lot, so if you’re paying for it, pick the celebrity.  

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?
Jake Gyllenhaal.  

Imagine you’re stuck on a desert island. Again. Which View host do you choose for a companion: Rosie O’Donnell or Survivor alum Elisabeth Hasselbeck?
Elisabeth is too conservative and Rosie would give me a headache. Can’t I just have the island to myself?  

Nope. Now let’s say they’re both there. Which bitch do you eat first? 
Well, one’s the appetizer and the other the main course— figure it out.

J.P. Calderon, 11pm Sat, Jun. 16 @ Splash, 50 W 17th St, 212-691-0073, splashbar.blog.

According to J.P's MySpace page, he's single!  Yummmm!

On a side note, thanks to HX for mentioning our exclusive story announcing that John Blair is moving to Splash where he will become a partner in the club.

GaySocialites love HX!

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shit he's hot

yes he is def hot. congrats on the cross promotion with hx. i am just glad to see that someone is finally not afraid to break stories and write what we all want to know about. good work gay socialites

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