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June 02, 2007

Michael Jackson auctions brings in the dough

Whether Michael Jackson's auction raised $500,000, $1 million or $2 million, that's still a lot of moolah proving that Jackson still has the power to generate some cash.

One fan even paid $20,400 for a black crested jacket that belonged to Michael.

The Michael Jackson auction was so successful that they're already planning another one to pawn off items that weren't included in this first one.

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You better be knowing Michael has the power! He's the man! He's the KING! He can mount my vesuvius any time he wants to hop on and take me for a ride.

hi my name is josh king and im from south carolina and i think mike is the bomb and that i hope he makes a come back on his life and that he is the reason why i like music so much now sometimes when im sad i just pick up one of your songs and listen to it cause it calms and relax me

Gotta love some Michael Jackson. I cant wait until his new album comes out. His songs are classic. Mike's the man.

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For the ultimate MJ collectible; search ebay: "Michael Jackson "Thriller" CAT MONSTER".

If you don't like the MJ's music, then you don't know what music is. Me personal I love Michael Jackson to a level that blocks me from listening to other singers.

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