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June 13, 2007

More kids for K-Fed?

All the world needs is more little K-Fed's running around, after all we see well Mr. Federline takes care of the children he already has (yes, that was sarcasm).

However, it looks like Kevin has knocked up his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson once again. The former Mr. Britney Spears already has two kids with Shar.

She's into her seventh week, and at the instant I write this he doesn't know. Star magazine is saying she's hoping this brings them back together as a family. Ugh. Oy. Eee-yewww. Kevin the Insect.

You'll remember that K-Fed also has two kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, as the result of too much liquor and long nights of humping former pop tart Britney Spears.

God help all these kids!

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i hope this isn't true!!!!!!!!!

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