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June 14, 2007

Paris Hilton doing more time than most

Paris Hilton has already done more time in jail than most people with a similar probation violation according to a Los Angeles Times report out Thursday.

So then how is it that everyone keeps saying that Paris is getting special treatment?  Don't get me wrong, I think Ms. Hilton should be treated just like everyone else who breaks the law.  However, I'm not sure the judicial system should make an example out of the socialite.

Paris was moved back to her cell today after spending nearly the last week in the medical ward.  TMZ is reporting that Paris has panic attacks in small spaces. 

I hope she can tough it out for at least a few more days.

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The entire Paris Hilton episode has underlined – for any quaint soul on the planet who still doubts it – that in the infotainment age, celebrity is the coin of the realm. The most obviously catastrophic misfortunes could befall you since God smote Job with the boils. But if you haven’t a celebrity on your side, you haven’t a hope of being heard. It’s a lesson we know all too well at Peace X Peace. Oh, and factor in the varying degrees of celebrity while you’re at it. And then there’s the level of commitment by your cause’s celebrity. You need someone who is not just high on the radar, and wealthy and connected. They better have time and energy on their side. Because the truly stubborn issues of our time are not about to change any time soon. It’s not as if the beautiful people haven’t mattered before. It’s just that right now, if a celebrity takes a shine to your cause, it goes from zero to 60 at Mach 1. Pity the cause that is adopted by well-meaning but unconvincing or poorly informed celebrities. And pity the poor deserving cause even a bit unprepared for its good fortune. All you folks in the world’s trouble spots (Burma and the ‘Stans in the former Soviet Union, for example), all you who are still waiting for life to return to normal after Katrina, all you who served in Iraq but cannot seem to get your country to care about you, all you impresarios awaiting your celebrity tie-in ….. are you ready if Paris calls?

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