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June 8, 2007

Paris Hilton is on her way back to jail!

  This just in!  Paris Hilton is on her way back to jail!  Judge Michael T. Sauer has once again "reassigned" to LA county jail.

Reports from inside the court room said Hilton will go back to jail to serve the rest of her sentence. 

Witnesses from inside the court room say that Paris was literally dragged from the court room by a female deputy.

The judge said he was not given a good enough reason as to why Paris should have been released in the first place.  Judge Sauer said there are "excellent facilities" in which Hilton could get the drugs needed to treat any illness.

As the deputies escorted Paris from the court room, witnesses say Hilton let out a "pretty loud cry" and screamed "mom, mom, mom" saying over and over "this is just not right."

Justice has been served!

Story developing.

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cry bitch! cry!

mommy can't help you now wooohaaaaaa

her only REAL crime was violating her 3-yr parole. period!

but a 1st offense of dui and driving w/a revoked license??? there IS no jail time for it! and thankfully, both the media and her lawyers are now looking into the judge's decision!!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!

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