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June 20, 2007

Paris Hilton says 'no special treatment' in jail


Paris Hilton sent a message from the slammer saying that she is getting no special treatment behind bars. 

Hilton's reps told the celebrity gossip site, TMZ.blog, that Hilton wants the world to know that she is just an ordinary inmate.

Paris Hilton has sent a message to TMZ -- she ain't no one special in the pokey.

A rep who visited Paris today said Hilton wants TMZ to know she's being treated like any other inmate, emphasizing she's getting no special breaks.

We're told Paris is spending time reading "The Secret" and "The Power of Now." She's also reading lots of "fan mail" that has been sent to the jail. She says most of the letters are favorable and it's helping her. She's written responses to some of the letters.

Paris is expected to be released from jail next week.  Ms. Hilton is serving time for breaking probation after a DUI arrest.

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Could we find out how many women convicted of felonies since Paris arrived at jail, have been let go on early release. Like Soraya Lopez, felon,( booking # 9823270) convicted 6/11 on a misdemeanor and 6/13 on a felony for 13 and 45 days but was released early on 6/14 and according to the record and Soraya herself in an article said she was released early because of Paris.

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