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June 10, 2007

Paris Hilton to finish sentence in med ward


Paris Hilton won't return to Lynwood jail to finish her sentence, instead Paris will stay in the more bearable medical ward.

On Sunday Paris was reportedly doing a lot better since she is highly medicated, can use her phone and was allowed to have two visitors.  Hilton decided she wanted to have her sister Nicky and on-again-off-again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos drop by.

According to TMZ.blog, baby Hilton has stopped crying (some) but what prison can be sad when they can use their phone?  That's totally ridiculous!

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Phone priviledges and TWO visitors, sounds like a cushy deal. I wonder if she was heavily medicated when partying all night and driving drunk?

This entire Paris Hilton "jailed" is a joke!

She's now sitting in a hospital ward, to finish off her meagre 21 or so days!

She is still receiving preferential treatment because of her surname - which is pathetic! How many other inmates, who are there for similar offences, battle with chlostraphobia ? I'm sure there are lots.. but they have to "grin and bear it" - but not Paris - go off the the sick-bay, and enjoy the rest of your sentence in far more comfort than the rest of the prisoners

It's a disgrace that the judicial system is allowing her to manipulate her sentence - and she's saying that she has now "found the Lord" - yeah right!

A equal opportunity for all concerned member of the public.

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