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June 14, 2007

Paris Hilton transferred from med ward back to slammer

In a press conference held this morning, the Los Angeles Sheriff's department announced that Paris Hilton has been transferred back to the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood around 11:00pm on Wednesday night.  That's the same place where Paris almost had a mental breakdown before her temporary release last week at this time.

Authorities decided Hilton was well enough to leave the medical ward at Twin Towers jail in downtown Los Angeles.

It seems as though Paris Hilton has shown improvement since receiving the proper medications and has thus been classified as "medically stable."

The last time Paris was locked up at Lynwood, she was in a solitary cell in a special needs unit.  I assume she has returned to those digs.

Sheriff Lee Baca said that he did not fall to political pressure to move the hotel heiress back to the cell that almost pushed her over the edge last time.  The decision was evidently made by the Twin Towers medical staff.

Many sources are reporting that Hilton is having "sever panic attacks" today since being relocated.

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