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June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton's morning court drama

 Paris Hilton is back in court even as I write this, but there was a lot of drama getting here - as usual when Paris is involved.

Late last night, a judge demanded that Hilton and her attorney appear in court on Friday morning at 9am.  This morning, we got word that Paris would not have to appear in court.  Instead, Hilton would be able to call into the court room to give her testimony and hear her fate.

That was quickly nipped in the bud as prosecutor Dan Jeffries insisted that Paris receive no special treatment.  Judge Michael T. Sauer then ordered that Paris get picked up and transported from her million dollar mansion to the court room.

Again more drama.  TMZ.blog is reporting that the Sheriff's department refused to go and transport Paris to the court room.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Sheriff's position is that the judge does not have the power to order her to court. The Sheriffs believe they have sole jurisdiction to monitor and control Hilton while she is under house arrest.

The Sheriff's Department says they are the only ones authorized to take her anywhere.

It seems as though the Sheriff lost that battle, because a police cruiser showed up at shortly after 10am PST to pick up Paris.  The hotel heiress was handcuffed and put in the back of a cop car that carried her to the court room.

A judge will decide today whether or not Hilton will continue to serve her 40 days of house arrest or if she will return to the slammer.

Story developing.

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Parents’ Rights activists Action For Justice (AFJ-AXJ) were waiting outside the court house to make sure she does not get a preferential treatment since divorced men don’t get any breaks when it comes to paying child support and lack of visitation rights with their children.

She should now be made to serve her entire 45 days in Jail.

The sheriff should go to jail.

Its just like anything, the OJ trial, Phil Spector, etc Do you really think OJ was innocent, there are no arrests for the killer outstanding. Now this overblown thing with Paris. Talk to anyone how has violated a misdomeaneor probation, this is petty crap, who cares, keep the ankle bling thing on an move on with life. Real criminals like OJ walk and she's just blond or acting blond

This made my whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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