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June 01, 2007

Scientologist Travolta ignores his child's condition


Meet Jett Travolta.  Not only does Jett (now a teenager) have to grow up knowing he is the son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, but he may never know that he is autistic thanks to his parents Scientology views.

John and Kelly are coming under fire for not acknowledging their son's condition, even when confronted by others with autism.  The crazy couple also refuses to give Jett the proper treatment for his condition.

The reason they're acting so crazy is because according to the Church of Scientology, those with mental illnesses are "degraded" and capable of curing themselves by working harder on the church's teachings.

I'm flat up crazy, so the Scientologist thankfully don't want to have anything to do with me!

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scientology sux ass

I'm gay and a Scientologist.It's like being gay and a Catholic. There are some Catholics that judge a person as to what he does. Others ... well....

As regards Travolta and Scientology's view. You're rehasing absolute b.s. typical gossip mongering. Just because we're against mood altering psych drugs uses by the FDA, drug companies and the psych industry, we're targetted.

I've had a rough time being gay and a Scientologist in the gay community. I listen to f'king stupidity of rehashed nonsense and then being question about it. Assuming there's some journalistic honesty with you, get over to www.scientologyhandbook.org. there's good stuff there. and if you think that that's going to convert you ... that's like saying that using a Jew's methods is going to make an uncut guy want to get his foreskin cutoff or maybe give up Easter for Passover.

Barry, are you one of the Scientologists that tries to entrap people at your church?????

i applied for a administrative position at the church of scientology and they told me that i needed to take that stress test and watch that brain-washing video on scientology! Um, if that's not a glorified cult, then i don't know what is. I promptly left, VERY quickly and was made to feel uncomfortable as to why i would try to apply and then just leave. Um, maybe because the potential employer (Actually scientology recruiters) were salivating at the sight of more people to spread your bologna. They should have clearly stated in the classified ad that you are required to be a member of the church to work there, but they purposely didn't so they can lap up all those sad impressionable people.

BREAK FREE BARRY!!! Aliens have NOT invaded your body as evil spirits!! BREAK FREE!!!!

Oh and SHAME ON YOU L. RON HUBBARD!!! it's a shame that your legacy of mixing sci-fi action stories with the real world will continue to be regarded as gospel. a true shame.

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