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June 20, 2007

The OC's Kelly Rowan set to marry richest Canadian

OC alum Kelly Rowan may be much smarter than I have ever given her credit for.  Rowan will soon be married to the richest man in Canada! 

Being a rich wife won't be to hard for Kelly after playing one on the OC for so long.

TORONTO, June 20 (Reuters) - Canadian actress Kelly Rowan, who played a wealthy wife in television teen drama "The O.C.," is engaged to Canada's richest man, media mogul David Thomson, her representative said on Wednesday.

Rowan, 41, best known for her role as Kirsten Cohen in "The O.C.", met Thomson, 50, last year when she was working on a project in Toronto.

Rowan, who was born in Ottawa, started her acting career in 1980 in a made-for-television movie and has since appeared in numerous television shows and films.

Thomson is the chairman of Canadian publisher Thomson Corp..

Forbes magazine in March this year ranked Thomson as the world's 10th richest person and the richest Canadian with his wealth estimated to be $22 billion.

This is Rowan's first marriage and the third for Thomson, who has three children. Little has been written about Thomson as he prefers privacy and stays out of the limelight.

Thomson recently agreed to buy the London-based Reuters Group Plc for about $17 billion, with the deal awaiting regulatory clearance and shareholder approval.

You go girl!

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