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June 7, 2007

Top Story of the Week: Marc Jacobs' boyfriend cheats

Our top story this week featured Marc Jacob's former boy toy Jason Preston and his slutty night on the town.  On Sunday night, we caught Jason in some compromising photos.  You think this one here is a shocker, well then you have to check out the rest of the photos of Preston getting a bit too friendly with gay porn star Ben Andrews.

The day after our exclusive report on Jason stepping out on Marc, Page Six reported that the couple is back together.  My inside source says Preston admits that his relationship with Jacobs is like a "rollercoaster."

You never know where the roller coaster may land next!

Top Advertisers of the Week:

  • You have to check out Andrew Christian's new line of swim wear!  It's the hottest thing this summer.
  • It looks like Paris Hilton is heading back to jail, so grab your FREE PARIS HILTON t-shirt!  They're hot!

Previous Story of the Week:

It's all true!  John Blair is packing up the church and moving to Splash!  Get the whole scoop and find out why John Blair will be involved in several nights at Splash as well!

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its sad that this was the top story of the week

yes it is sad,who the fuck cares if about this shit.This just proves that men are backstabbing pigs.

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