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June 06, 2007

Video of the Week: Enrique Iglesias serenades G.A.Y fan

We first told you about this story on Monday, and now thanks to MySpace.blog... we have video of Enrique Iglesias singing Hero to a gay fan at London's G.A.Y nightclub. 

This is one lucky guy!  I'd pay money to get hugged my Enrique Iglesias, much less the opportunity for him to sing to me while I run my fingers down his abs... didn't see him run his fingers down Enrique's abs?  Watch it again!

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omg! sexy!

that was cool as shit!

i wanna touch those abs to

viva Enrique Iglesias A Latind dared what no WASP would ever try

It is great to see a heterosexual confortable in an all gay environment. Kudo's Enrique....

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