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June 21, 2007

Will a gay man co-host the View?

It looks like having a power lesbian on the panel at the View may have paved the way for a gay man to go where no man has ever gone before - as co-host of the female dominated gab fest.

Insiders are mentioning two names: Mario Cantone and Ross Mathews, according to PEOPLE.

Cantone, a frequent guest on the ABC chat-fest, played Charlotte's friend Anthony on Sex and the City; Mathews is better known as "Ross the Intern" from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Both of the men are slated to fill in as guest co-hosts next month: Cantone will appear on The View on the July 12; Mathews will take a turn in O'Donnell's old seat on July 17.

Ross, of course, if friends with previous View moderator, Rosie O'Donnell.  Ross and Ro have appeared on each other's blogs, and O'Donnell even appeared on Celebrity Fit Club to support Matthews in his weight loss venture.

People is reporting that Barbara Walters favors Cantone.

This could be anyone's ballgame, but the producers are smart.  The longer they drag this out, the longer the View remains in the headlines.

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I don't care if the person is gay, what their gender or color is, I don't see that as controversial. I'd be more interested in an inteligent, articulate, and knowledgeable person. Not a bigoted arrogant bull horn like rosie.
Someone like Ann Colture would certainly be dynamic. Katie Coric has all those attributes, although I didn't like her as an anchor, Gail King also has those qualities.
Just please, someone teach these women not to interupt to the point of distraction, it's like listening to a gaggle of geese. Why not have a different personality every week? It would add to a constant mix and keep them on their toes along with the viewers.

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