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June 28, 2007

Will Lindsay play Paris in the biopic?


While there's talk of Lindsay Lohan going to jail just like Paris Hilton, who would have thought there would be word of Lindsay playing Paris in an upcoming biopic about the hotel heiress jail bird?

"There have already been negotiations with a major film company to make the Paris Hilton biopic with Lindsay Lohan playing Paris - with Britney Spears singing the soundtrack."

The three have, of course, been spotted partying together.  Britney and Lindsay went to rehab while Paris served 23 days in the clink.  The three have had an on-again-on-off-again relationship to say the least.

The source added: "Paris was on cloud nine. Rather than talking remorsefully about her time inside, she seemed energised by her plans to capitalise on her experience."

This could turn out be rather strange.

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