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June 26, 2007

Wrestling tragedies are piling up

Some are starting to refer to it as the WWE curse.  World Wrestling Entertainment has lost two legends in the past week and many fans find themselves flashing back to previous tragedies and reliving some horrible memories.

First police found Sensational Sherri Martel dead in her mothers home.  Cops say that don't suspect any foul play, but they say she did not die of natural causes.

Then on Monday, Chris Benoit was also found dead with his wife and son in their home.  Police suspect that Chris strangled his wife and smothered his son before hanging himself, according to authorities.

This has resparked memories of one of the most tragic scenes in wrestling history.  Wrestler Owen Hart plummeted to his death while attempting a high flying stunt.

Owen was supposed to be lowered down to the ring from about 80 ft. in the air via a lowering mechanism. Owen climbed the stairs and as he got ready for his entrance, he emptied out his costume bag to get dressed. He did not put everything on, however, as he wanted to hook himself to the harness first.

WWE canceled all of their Monday night events following the news of Benoit's death. Police are still investigating why Chris would have killed his family and himself. Many suspect it was anger stemming from steriod use or "roid rage."

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