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July 11, 2007

Big Brother 8: America helps Eric decide who to evict

America's Player Eric has received his second challenge on Big Brother 8.  This time, Eric will get advice by viewer's votes as to whom he should evict from the house - Carol or Amber.

Eric is playing the Big Brother game with a whole new twist.  Known as America's Player, Eric will receive challenges based on popular vote via text and the web.  For each task that Eric completes, he wins $10,000.

Big Brother 8 is underway and here's the score board:

Nominees for eviction:  Carol and Amber

Head of Household:  Kail

Veto Winner: Daniele (not used)

Known Alliances:  Kail + Nick + Zach + Mike

[Photos compliments of Big Brother 8 HQ]

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he should definitely vote off Carol!

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