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July 16, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Taking down the Mrs. Robinson alliance


Big Brother 8 is just getting underway and with Carol evicted and Jen as HoH, you better expect the unexpected!

Now, someone is trying to take down the Mrs. Robinson... you may not have expected this and you may never believe who is trying to take down BB8's first alliance!

The Mrs. Robinson alliance formed quickly, and Kail knew exactly what she was doing by partnering up with 3 men very quickly.

Kail recruited Zach, Mike and Nick to form their "Mrs. Robinson" alliance.  Kail probably knew that she could call the shots and play the best game easily beating anyone against her in the final two.

Now, someone is trying to take down the Mrs. Robinson gig.  Nick was caught on the feeds telling Jameka and Daniele that he was a member of the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but the Big Brother hearthrob made it very clear that he wants to take it down from the inside out.

Pledging his loyalty to Jameka and Daniele, Nick promised to nominate Kail and Zach to shock the house and break-up the powerful alliance.

Nick also told Jameka and Daniele that he wanted to protect Amber. 

This could be a huge ploy to cover his ass incase Jen decides to nominate Nick when Daniele uses the veto to remove herself from the chopping block, however now Jen says she isn't going to nominate Nick.

Jen told Kail and Zach that Nick would protect all three of them and would not put them up if he won head of household, something Kail and Zach would assume anyway.

Nick promised his new allies Jameka and Daniele that he was going to try and win HoH in the competition so he could nominate the Mrs. Robinson alliance and throw a wrench into things.

WOW!  He's hot and adventurous... that Nick sure is a catch!

[Photos compliments of Big Brother 8 HQ]

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